Parent Ambassadors

Successful Catholic schools with higher enrollment and strong communities have excellent parent participation in its programs and recruitment. The program’s overall goal is to increase the number of students in great Catholic schools by developing parent and community relationships, both within and outside of our own parish. These relationships are key to spreading the news about St. William Catholic School. Their focus areas this year are: mass presence, religious education outreach, outreach to other parishes, Community Canvassing, and Family Fun Events.

Contact: Stacey Virga at

2020-21 Parent Ambassador Class Representatives

Preschool: Stacey Virga

Junior Kindergarten: Lisa Markou

Kindergarten: Anisa Allen

1st/2nd: Alisha Hamblen and Christine Roe

3rd: Roseanne Herrick

4th: Lourdes Perales

5th: Tami Delcorvo

6th/7th: Nelda Shunyia

7th/8th: Stacey Virga