Online Learning – Phase 3 Response

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Dear St William families,

We successfully completed our 2019-20 school year online – #StWilliamCrusadersGoRemote. While we prepare to open the school safely in the fall in person at Phase 4 of the plan, we are ready to move to Phase 3, if needed.

Our Students will continue learning and report cards will be marked according to your students progress. Teachers will be doing assessments and check ins in order to monitor learning.

Families who will need to use a St. William device may pick one up from the office if we move to Phase 3 of the plan. Any family that is borrowing one of our devices must leave a $200 dollar deposit which will be returned to you after the device is returned to St. William in good condition after this pandemic has passed. Agreements are available in the office.

Platforms for Daily Use:

  • JK-2 will use Seesaw for their learning engagements and parent interactions.
  • 3-8 will use Google Classroom for their learning engagements and enables the guardian access to Google Classroom.
  • General Ed. teachers use G Suite for Education, via Meet, to provide video conference opportunities as appropriate. 
  • Email and Google Chat groups and text are being used for communications between staff.
  • Email will be used to communicate formally with parents in addition to other communication platforms that are listed above.
  • Online Learning & Resource Information for Home Learning on St. William Google Classrooms
  • Teachers offer office hours for help and daily Google Meets to chat with classmates
  • The lower grades (1-4) get checklists of work to complete
  • The middle school has a schedule that includes supplemental classes as well