Online Learning – COVID19 Response

Dear St William families,

Please know that all of our staff have you in prayer and we have worked very diligently to begin this new platform of learning so our students can continue to learn and grow during this unprecedented time.

We will have set times for our students to come to school to pick up materials from the classrooms from their teachers. The following are the times in which you will have access to the school building. 

Monday March 16th- 9 am- 12pm
5pm- 7pm

Online Learning begins March 23,2020 and the week of March 16th is officially our Spring break. Look for information from all your Homeroom teachers between March 16th through the 23rd. SOUL room students will receive an email from Mrs. Alber or Mrs. Pierson regarding pick up of materials.

Our building will be cleaned after the above date and students will not be permitted in the building.

Please note that the Google Policy and Internet agreement is still being honored with the new platform. Please do not repost on social media or any platform  content of our curriculum or a teacher video. Our  platforms are shared only with the St.William Community.

If you did not fill out the survey we may not know your technology needs. Please respond to your classroom teacher’s email regarding this need.

Our Students will continue learning and report cards will be marked according to your students progress. Teachers will be doing assessments and check ins in order to monitor learning.

Please note this is not like a Snow Day when  our students are off. We are working to keep learning going and students in a learning routine.

Families who will need to use a St. William device may pick one up from the office on Monday or Tuesday, March 16 or March 17. Any family that is borrowing one of our devices must leave a $200 dollar deposit which will be returned to you after the device is returned to St. William  in good condition after this pandemic has passed. Agreements are available in the office.

Platforms for Daily Use:

  • JK-2 will use Seesaw for their learning engagements and parent interactions.
  • 3-8 will use Google Classroom for their learning engagements and enable the guardian access to Google Classroom.
  • General Ed. teachers will use Google education, via hangouts meet, if appropriate to provide one daily video conference opportunity for up to 20min. 
  • Email and Google Chat groups and text will be used for communications between staff.
  • Email will be used to communicate formally with parents in addition to other communication platforms that are listed above.
  • These platforms should already be familiar to students. Students will continue to use these platforms for all lessons. Consider these platforms to be the home base for students.