Knightly News – 10/22/2020

Thursday, October, 29, 2020Halloween Treat Day/Halloween Dress Down Day 
Friday, October, 30, 2020At Home Virtual Practice Day 

Letter From the Principal: 

Dear St. William families,

Thank you for your responses to the survey that was sent out regarding our Virtual Practice day. Your comments and suggestions were helpful to the staff and we hope to be just as successful next week when we practice once again. Each classroom teacher will follow up with you regarding any problems you had and will make suggestions for your child’s success with the next practice. Please note that our next virtual practice will be Friday, October 30th. Our teachers will send home their checklists and links for your child to engage in the activities for the day. All lessons will be recorded for parents who cannot meet the schedule or checklist the teacher has planned. All students are required to attend the virtual practice and all classwork assigned is due to the teacher by Monday Nov 2,2020. Going forward the “Specials” classes will be recorded and the links and direction will be coming from those teachers. Thank you for your support and encouraging comments regarding our online platform.



Please remember that when a student is absent from school they “MUST” return with a doctors note.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Morning Drop Off: 

Parents who drop-off at the middle school: We’ve come close to having minor, fender-benders in the morning! This is a friendly reminder to move slowly and to be sure to look over your left shoulder before driving away as another parent may be driving around. Thanks. 

An Open Invitation: 

I invite each of you to consider helping our school run our first “Virtual Fundraising Event.” The Advancement Team and I are looking for some brave and special people to help us “Fill the Gap” between tuition and the true cost of sending a student to St. William Catholic School. Please consider sharing your talents with this event so our tuition costs can stay manageable. Contact Mrs. Gabrish if you have any questions.

November Calendar:

Attached you will find the November calendar. This will also be published on our website for viewing. Please remember that our calendar will be tentative this year and published monthly due to the COVID pandemic.

Crusader Day and Pizza Lunch:

Please see the flier coming home with your child for Nov 6th Crusader Day. All orders must be paid in full and ordered by October 30th. No late orders will be accepted.

Live Testimonials:

I am gathering quick videos from parents and students regarding “face to face” instruction. A quick video on your phone stating what a difference this has made for your student and family. These videos will be used for Advancement purposes.

Halloween FunDay:

Our all school Halloween fun day will take place Oct 29th! Students may dress in Halloween colors, Halloween shirts, and wear Halloween PPE. ( Please follow our Dress Down policies in our handbook.)

This year students will enjoy a craft, treat bag and all school Bingo instead of our traditional parade and parties.

Oct 31,2020:

Confirmation for last year’s 8th grade students. “Come Holy Spirit” send down your blessings to each of these special students.

Sacrament Information: 

If you would like your child/children to receive sacraments this year please contact Karen Trojniak for more information about Confirmation and please contact Karen Sommers for more information about First Communion.  Their contact information is listed below. 

Please contact Karen Trojniak for Confirmation information at
Please contact Karen Sommers for First Communion at