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The individual learning needs of the students are monitored and addressed through the study of standardized testing history, parent survey responses, and tracking of student progress by the faculty members.

Some of the features of our curriculum that are of importance include the following:

  • Junior K with part time or full time option
  • Weekly all school liturgies with homilies geared to children
  • Daily religion classes
  • Full day kindergarten program (5 days/week) is available
  • Service projects that encourage stewardship to our students
  • Peaceful, safe environment in which Christian values and caring discipline are hallmarks
  • Teachers, who are interested in your child’s wholeness, communicate with you frequently
  • On-line gradebook program allows you to constantly monitor your child’s progress
  • Honors mathematics program for students in grades five through eight
  • Small math and reading groups that allow for no more than 15:1 student/teacher ratio enhance instruction and learning
  • School staffed resource room with a special education teacher who addresses the various learning needs of all students
  • Support classes including Art, Computers, Music, Physical Education and Library for grades K-5
  • Spanish class
  • Numerous competitions for student participation in areas of math, science, spelling, writing, art and physical education
  • Fully networked with internet and wireless connections available in the computer lab and classrooms
  • Textbook revisions/updates on a yearly basis
  • Annual standardized testing in all grade levels
  • Active parent groups allow parents to be involved in their child’s school
  • CYO football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball
  • Robotics Club


Preschool program planned for 2020-21

Introduction to Our Programs:

In Our Early Childhood programs…

Your child will experience a loving environment in which they are comfortable learning and exploring new things in their world.  Through a structured environment and predictable routine they will gain confidence in learning social and academic skills that will help to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.  They will experience God through their friendships and through their teacher. Your child will learn about different character traits and why they are important through weekly studies that are connected to Bible verses.  Children that attend our early childhood programs at St. William School will be welcomed daily into a loving environment in which they gain the skills, confidence, knowledge, and love of learning that they will carry on with them throughout their lives.

Preschool Hours

Three Year Old Program: Tuesday/Thursday half day 3 yrs program (only) 8:00-11:30, Tues/Thurs Full day 8:00AM- 2:40PM 

Four Year Old Program: (If the child is 4 by September 1st): Monday, Wednesday, Friday half days 8:00AM-11:30AM, Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00 AM-2:40 PM

Junior Kindergarten Program: (If the child turns 5 by December 1st): Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM- 2:40PM, Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00 AM-2:40 PM

** All program offerings are dependent on enrollment.  All students must be fully potty trained in order to be enrolled in any of these programs.  

Three Year Old Program:

Our Program begins with three year old children who turn three by September 1st.  We offer full day and ½ day classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to accommodate the developmental learning needs that are unique to our youngest students. At this stage of development a child’s ability to learn and grow is remarkable to parents and teachers. We provide a curriculum that stimulates learning through “Hands-on Experiences” that encourage a child to explore and play. We provide opportunity for spiritual experiences through prayer, song, story, and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program.We follow the goals and standards that adhere to the AOD religion standards and Archbishop Vigneron’s call to “ Unleash the Gospel”.  Social interactions and growth are an integral part of the school day and include circle time, small group and large group activities, snack, and an appropriate mix of play and center time. We follow the state of Michigan Early learning standards and use the Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies  to adhere to these standards.

Junior Kindergarten and Four Year Old Curriculum

Our program is designed to meet the learning needs of a child who is four by September 1st. Our Junior Kindergarten is designed for children who are four turning five early in the school year before December 1. We offer several options for this stage of learning and recognize that not all four year olds are alike. We offer five full days or three full days.  We utilize the Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies which adheres to the State of Michigan Early Learning Standards and the Handwriting without Tears curriculum by the award winning Handwriting without tears program . We teach in developmental order by starting at a level that does not assume prior knowledge or competency.  We facilitate learning so children can excel by acknowledging their present level of development. We explicitly teach certain skills that children need to learn and begin a lifelong love for learning. 

Our four year old program focuses on developing social and school behaviors; how to play and participate in a school environment. Our focus is on preparing the children for school. School is an environment full of symbols, where letters take on meaning and are used to read and write; and numbers are used to learn about the world of Math. We teach what letters and numbers are and how to use them. We teach the children a full curriculum that includes readiness and writing, language and literacy, numbers and math. We expose the children to history, social studies, and science through “hands-on” learning experiences. We focus on developing each child’s spiritual development through daily exposure to Catholic doctrine, prayer, song, praise and special prayer services and our Atrium where our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program takes place.   

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