BYOD Program

Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) Benefits & Options

Today’s employers are looking to hire the most competent, creative, and innovative people. We realize that students need to develop creative problem solving skills and become intellectual risk takers to prepare for their futures. Having full-time access to a personal device as a learning tool gives students more opportunities to develop critical thinking and literacy skills, which can be applied to any learning situation. Further, by utilizing the student’s own device, the need to sanitize shared devices between student use is eliminated. 

Students are able to participate in the BYOD Program and are able to bring a device that is appropriate for their grade. The chart below indicates what devices are appropriate or not appropriate at a particular grade level. At no times is a mobile phone device appropriate for use in the classroom.

GradeAppropriate DeviceNot Recommended Device
JK, KiPadChromebook or Macbook
1, 2, 3, 4iPad, Chromebook or Macbook
5, 6, 7, 8Chromebook or MacbookiPad

Enrolling in the BYOD Program:

Parents who choose to enroll their children in the Bring Your Own Device program will purchase and provide a Macbook, Chromebook, or iPad for their sons or daughters to use at school and home on a daily basis. Students commit to carry their device fully charged to school daily for educational purposes. 

Minimum Requirements / Supported Devices:

  • Chromebooks: Any device whose Auto Update is still supported by Google and is not “End of Life.” You can determine the End of Life of a specific Chromebook by visiting
  • Macbook: Any Macbook running macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher
  • iPad: Any iPad running iPadOS 13 or higher. Full size and not mini iPad recommended.

Unsupported Devices:

  • Jailbroken/ “Rooted” devices or devices connecting to an app store other than the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • Any Windows based laptop
  • Any mobile phone device
  • Any Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
  • Any Android based tablet (i.e., Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo Smart Tab, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory for my son/daughter to enroll in the BYOD program?

No. The BYOD is an optional program and not a requirement of any student. St. William staff will provide students with access to other appropriate technology options that will be integrated in the classroom, including the computer lab, shared iPads, and shared Chromebooks.

Is there anything I should do before bringing my computer to school?

Yes. We recommend you create a backup of the data on your device. This will backup the computer or tablet so you can restore it if anything should go wrong in the future. 

Should I get theft insurance for my child’s technology device?

Yes, we recommend it. While there is little theft at school over the years, we do encourage parents to obtain theft insurance; theft of personal technology devices are not covered by school/parish insurance.

Should I get an extended service plan for my child’s technology device?

Yes, we recommend it.  Accidents happen, computers crash.  Please consider adding a service for your child’s technology device.

St. William Catholic School BYOD Policy

Introduction: The availability of wireless Internet access and cloud based services in our schools makes it easier than ever for students to bring their own Internet connected technology devices to school for educational purposes. In order to access St. William Cathoilc School’s wireless network, students must comply with the school Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and this BYOD Policy. It is important to understand that the opportunity to bring students’ personal technology devices to school is a privilege and is solely at the discretion of St. William Catholic School staff.  

Device:  For the purpose of the BYOD policy, a personal technology device is a privately-owned, wireless electronic device such as a Macbook, Chromebook, or iPad. Smartphones are not allowed in the BYOD program.

Internet: Student devices may only access the Internet using the School “SWP-Student-BYOD” wireless network. The student will need to authenticate to the network with their G-Suite User ID and Password. Network usage may be monitored.

Security, Damages and Support:  The individual owner is responsible for the support, security and safety of the device. St. William Catholic School and its employees are not liable for any device brought to the school campus or while on a Walled Lake School Bus. Individuals are encouraged to utilize security methods to protect their own devices. The school will not investigate the theft of, or damage to, a personal device, nor provide any technical support of a personal device.

Guidelines for Use

  • Use of personal devices during the school day is at the discretion of teachers and staff.  Students shall use devices as directed by their teacher.
  • The primary purpose of the use of personal devices at school is educational.  
  • The use of a personal device is not to be a distraction in any way to teachers or students.
  • Students will not have access to devices during lunch or recess periods.


To enroll a student device in the BYOD program, fill out the following form.