Advancement Strategic Plan Overview

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Advancement Mission

The mission of advancement at St. William Catholic School is: to advance the school’s name, identity message, and good news through a comprehensive marketing plan that reflects the school’s mission; to provide projected enrollment of students as set by the school’s strategic plan through continuous improvement and analysis of enrollment patterns provided by the leadership team; and to identify, grow, and maintain funding prospects and supporters of the school over time.

Definition of the Advancement Committee

The mission of the St. William Catholic School Advancement Committee is to create, plan, implement, and sustain an advancement process that will support the ministry of St. William Catholic School.

The Advancement Committee is a core team of 6-8 dedicated and committed
people who work with the Principal, AoD Administrative Oversight Board (AOB) and Advancement sub-committee chair on the advancement duties outlined in the St. William Catholic School Strategic Plan. Basic responsibilities include:

Basic responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the scope of advancement and working to Identify, Inform, Invite, Involve, Implement, Invest, Improve to grow our school and the support of our community
  • Affirming the mission of the school
  • To increase awareness of St. William Catholic School as a leader in quality Catholic education through a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Working with the school office to increase enrollment and retention at St. William Catholic School through word of mouth, marketing, and open house activities
  • Attracting financial support for St. William Catholic School from alumni, parents, parishioners, charitable foundations/organizations, and the local community through fundraising events and strategies


Advancement Committee Administration
Lori Zoulek, Chair of Advancement Sub – Committee, AOB
2018 – 2019 Advancement Committee members
Bruce Baron, AOB Committee member
Craig Fuller, AOB Committee member
Lisa Collias, school parent
Ann Kenyon, school parent
Jared Ryan, alumnus
Marketing Action Committee
Lori Zoulek, Advancement Sub-committee chair
Monica Logan, Teacher
Greg Paler and Mark Westemeier, Dads’ Club member
Erica Cusick, PSA member
Thomas Fox, Alumni
Advancement Committee Honorary Members
Betsy Gabrish, Principal

Advancement Creative Team

We are looking for people who are creative or have talents they are willing to share with us monthly or when needed. If interested, please contact Lori Zoulek at or 248-202-1395.

To contact the Administrative Oversight Board, please email us at: